26 Fun Facts you should know about Singapore!

By its looks, it just gives you an illusion of a red dot on the map, but do not underestimate. It is much greater than that. A self-sufficient country, which has reached heights after its independence and has grown to become one of the most powerful nations of Asia. Singapore is the country which will astonish you every time you pay a visit and I have gathered a few facts for you to ponder.

  1. As of 2017, Singapore remains the most expensive city in the world. (Source: CBS NewsCNBCexpensive-cities-table1.jpg
  2. Singapore’s independence is quite unanticipated. British left Singapore to Malaysia in the year 1963. By the year 1965, under much conflicts between Malaysian and Singaporean government, Parliament of Malaysia voted out Singapore by democratic voting (126-0). (Source: Singapore’s independence) indeday.jpg
  3. Singapore derives its name from a Sanskrit word, Singapura. There is a narrative that a Sumatran prince, Sang Nila Utama, saw a creature he thought was a lion and named the island Singapura which means Lion City in Sanskrit. But there were no lions in Singapore ever. (Source: Singapore’s historyf09f85_95dea2766cc091f6467ee1d294cd3ccc.png_512.png
  4. There are only three city-states in the world – Monaco, Vatican City and Singapore! It means these places don’t have a capital.city state.png
  5. Singapore is not just a single island but consists of 63 other neighbouring islands. Most of these islands are uninhabited. (Source: Singapore’s geography)ST Graphics -Singapore Islands.jpg
  6. Singapore is a small country, with a total land area of 682.7 square kilometers. To give you a contextual relationship, USA is about 15,000 times bigger! (Source: Singapore’s land area)


    This world map is to show the difference in the size of both the USA and Singapore. (Do not look into the calculations.)

  7. East Malaysia was GMT+8:00 and West Malaysia was GMT+7:30. Malaysia decided to standardise their timings to GMT+8:00 hours. Since the beginning, Singapore was 7.5 hours ahead of GMT but seeing this move of Malaysia, they modified their standard time to GMT+8:00 hours as well.
  8. The national language of Singapore is Malay! However, less than 20% Singaporeans can read and write in Malay. In Singapore, the four official languages are English, Chinese, Tamil, and Malay. (Source: Singapore’s language)
  9. Religions that exist in Singapore – Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. (Source: Religion)
  10. Vanda Miss Joaquim is the national flower of Singapore. It was first discovered in 1893 by an Armenian, Agnes Joaquim. (Source: National Flower)
  11. The world’s first night zoo, The Night Safari, is located in Singapore. 427_4.jpg
  12. Singapore has the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, which is 35 meters high! It’s in The Cloud Forest conservatory in Gardens by the Bay.the-world-s-tallest-indoor.jpg
  13. Buildings in Singapore cannot be higher than 280 metres (919 ft). There are presently a few buildings of that height: One Raffles Place, OUB Centre, UOB Plaza and Republic Plaza. The height restriction is for the fact that a military air base is situated close to the business district and sky scrapers may pose a threat for planes. (Source: Height restrictionsst_20160114_tanjong_1987128 copy.jpg
  14. Singapore’s Changi Airport has been named as the best airport in “2017 World Airport Awards” for the 5th consecutive year. (Source: Singapore’s Airport Ranking)
  15. There is an abundance of flora in the city.
  16. The newly-opened National Stadium has a retractable roof. It has been made up of a weather resistant material in order to protect from the raindrops and the sun’s rays. It also doubles up as an enormous projector screen. It takes about 20 minutes to open or close.
  17. Singapore ranks 7th in the least corrupt nation in the world.
  18. Singapore government tabled a UN resolution to designate 19th November as the World Toilet Day. It got the support of 122 other countries, and a World Toilet Organization was formed on 19th November 2001, in Singapore.Toilets.jpg
  19. Car enthusiasts are bankrupt in Singapore. Car owners have to pay an additional 1.5 times the car price to get their car certified. Car use is heavily discouraged by the government to reduce congestion on roads and pollution in the environment. (Source: Hollywood stars react to car prices in Singapore)vw-sing.jpg
  20. The Singapore Grand Prix Racing Circuit is the Asia’s first racing circuit. Also the first ever to hold F1 night-race in its 2008 inaugural race.
  21. If you are a male Singapore citizen, you have to serve the military once you reach the age of 18. Singapore has compulsory military conscription of 2 years. (Source: Singapore’s military rules for 18 year olds)DSC_0244_edited.jpg
  22. Lee Kuan Yew was the first prime minister of Singapore who held the office for three decades. He turned Singapore into a first world country, in a single generation.LKY-tribute-1.jpg
  23. The Prime Minister of Singapore earns a hefty $1.7 million annually, which is four times higher than what the US president earns! Unbelievable!chartoftheday_3350_Pay_Levels_Of_World_Leaders_In_Perspective_n copy.jpg
  24. Singapore has had 2 Indian-origin Presidents and 5 Indian-origin Foreign ministers. SRNathan960.jpg
  25. The millionaire concentration of Singapore is the highest in the world.


    40% of the population has a net worth of more than a US$1 million, as of 2017.

  26. There’s another Singapore in the world. It’s the name of Michigan’s noted ghost town.

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