Travel to the most expensive city in the world: Singapore

April 2017 saw the most thrilling and exciting trip of my adulthood. My family and I, planned a visit to Singapore for a 6 Nights-7 Days duration (Yayyy!! 😍). We did not go with the usual tour packages offered by various tour and travel companies, as they do not let you have freedom of your own, you are bound to visit specific places which are not of your interest. We wanted to have a trip which will be worthwhile and will let us enjoy the best out of the least. So we created an itinerary of our own with night-long struggles browsing through various links and websites for a few weeks. So here I am briefing you about our journey and the country. You may take notes for your visit later. And DO NOT forget to read the Most Incredible points and my recommendation at the end of this article for a quick review.

Singapore (or in their native Malay name: Singapura), is derived from Sanskrit, meaning the “lion city“. The temperature of this place on an average is around 26-27 degrees throughout the year (which is pretty pleasant, especially if you belong to a country like India where there is huge variation in temperature). It has nationals from almost all over the world (One of the major ethnic groups is Hindus – 9% Indian population).

So let’s start with our most-awaited sensational journey..

Day 1: Sunday: Getting to know the place

  • We arrived at Changi Airport on Sunday morning.
  • What was about to follow the long tiring night journey was the therapeutic treatment we were about to get.
  • The moment we stepped foot on this land, we got awestruck by its beauty.
  • The journey had just begun and without further delay, we swiftly booked ourselves an Uber.
  • On the way to our hotel, we could notice high-rise glass buildings, uber cleanliness, and intense greenery on both sides of the roads.
  • As we had just started to get our eyes accustomed to this country, we reached our hotel in a matter of some time. Our hotel was pre-booked and we made a check-in by 11 a.m.
  • Picked up the keys to our rooms, unwound ourselves and went out to explore our destination in the evening.
  • We strolled around Mustafa Centre and a nearby mall.
  • I was happy to find restaurants like Bikanervala, Sarvana Bhavan and many more.
  • And Day 1 came to an end with lots of exciting places yet to explore the next days to follow.
  • Finally, the thought started to settle in that we were on a vacation!! 💃


  1. Our hotel was 20 kms away from the airport, we reached there in less than 20 minutes. (What?? Can you beat that!! 😮 ). Unlike India, it is much less inhabited and well organised with superior infrastructure.
  2. A must have food item that we tried the very first day: “Kwey Teow” – a rice, noodle dish.
  3. And yes, you will get “jet lagged“! The usual time we used to hit the bed used to be 3 a.m. So, not much of a difference.

Kwey Teow!


Indian-ness all around the world!


A nearby mall!

Day 2: Monday: Visit to Animal Kingdom

  • Day 2 was a ‘Meet and Greet session’ with the animals and birds.
  • We paid a visit to the spectacular creatures in Jurong Bird Park, River Safari, Night Safari. (Bought a 4-in-1 ticket for Jurong Bird Park+Singapore Zoo+River Safari+Night Safari with a validity of 5 days).
  • All the above mentioned spots have distinctive and exciting features. In Jurong Bird Park, one can find birds of all types from all over the world with their unbelievable capabilities. River Safari is a boat ride to an adventurous trip of the water wildlife. Night Safari is an unmissable escapade – it lets you experience the wilds in the night.
  • Night Safari starts from 7 p.m. while the other three parks close by 6-ish.
  • It was a long and tiring day with continuos walking, so we couldn’t cover Singapore Zoo and kept it for a later date.


  1. Waterfall aviary in Jurong Bird Park. (World’s first and tallest man-made waterfall) cd
  2. 40 minute tram ride in Night Safari with commentary to educate visitors on the importance of wildlife conservation.e
  3. River Safari allows visitors to discover the aquatic animals from the freshwater habitats of river Amazon, Nile and Mekong.g
  4. Spotted species of owls, pandas, ostriches, cockatoo, macaw, penguins, kangaroo, crocodiles, hawks, eagles, vultures, the dinosaur descendants – cassowary, ostrich, emu, to name a few. b
  5. Home to exotic and critically endangered species – Bali Mynah, crowned pigeons.
  6. Animal and bird shows are a must watch.

    Bird Show at Jurong Bird Park!


    Overweight cactus! How do you manage to eat stuff — From a desert or a dessert??


    Nice to meet you, smiley!


    Keep it movin’! Getting me colored on the go! Spot me if you can..

Day 3: Tuesday: All about the city

  • Commenced our day by visiting the Gardens by the Baywondrous architecture, beautiful innovative tall structures known as the Supertrees. There are two glass-roof conservatories in the garden, The Cloud Forest and The Flower Dome. The garden has been built for a purpose to enhance greenery and preserve nature.

    A wooden sculpture at The Cloud Forest!


    The Cloud Forest!

  • Later in the day visited Marina Bay Sands Skypark for a picturesque and panoramic view of the bay. (In the below slideshow: The boat on top of the three buildings is the Skypark)k


  1. You can visit the Singapore Flyer as well, but we preferred the Skypark for 2 reasons. A)- Skypark is at a much greater height (on the 56th floor of Marina Bay Sands) than the flyer. B)- You can stay on the skypark for as long as you want, unless it is time to shut the skypark down for the day. 😀
  2. You can enjoy the music and light show, OCBC Garden Rhapsody, at the Gardens by the Bay at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm.


    Light and Music show from the top!

  3. The cooled Flower Dome glass conservatory replicates the mild, dry climate and features plants found in the tropical regions. And the Cloud Forest replicates the cool, moist conditions found in tropical mountain regions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 4: Wednesday: Sentosa Islands

If you visit Singapore, then Sentosa Islands is a must visit place.


  1. Bought a 2-day ticket for all the activities in Sentosa Islands+Universal Studios.
  2. There are a number of activities and interesting places available, including the Madame Tussauds, S.E.A Aquarium, 4-D adventures, Trick Eye Museum, Skyline Luge, to name a few.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  3. One can even buy individual tickets for each activity they wish to go for. But buying an online consolidated ticket saves a lot of money.
  4. The activities are not limited to a single place, you have to travel to and fro from one place to another either by a cable car or mini trains.

Day 5: Thursday: Universal Studios

The MOST awaited destination kept for the last. Universal brings out the child in you. It’s a fantasy world. Its an experience, cannot be expressed in words. Just go and enjoy. Phenomenal stuff to watch out for.

Beware: Going on a public holiday or weekends would lead you to stand in queues for a long long time (We waited for 1-1.5 hours for various rides that too on a weekday).”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Welcome to New York Cityy!!


AND The MOST awaited.. The clichéd GLOBE picture is here….

Day 6: Friday: Rest of Singapore attractions

  • Early in the morning progressed to cover our left out location – Singapore Zoo. The main aim of all the parks in Singapore is to preserve the flora and fauna, and to educate people on conserving the environment. 6
  • It rained heavily during that afternoon with no prior intimation 😛 , which made our visit even more blissful.

Shopping Time:

  • After visiting all the attractions, shopping was still an untouched act and a requisite for any women. A major motive for me to visit Singapore was yet to be conquered. Shopkeepers from Singapore, Hong Kong and China, rule the shops of China Town and Bugis Street. So later that evening, we went out for a shopping spree to the nearby Bugis Street, which is the largest street-shopping location in the country. There were plenty of options available, with shops flooded with beautiful clothing, handbags, accessories. There was a ‘wow moment’ with every shop I visited – Shopper’s paradise!! We picked up a couple of knick-knacks and souvenirs in the limited time we had.
  • Still not satisfied with shopping, so we rushed to the nearby Mustafa Centre after dinner. Compromising our sleep and comfort, shopped for a good 3-4 hours. Unwillingly came back to our hotel around 3 a.m. Packed our things and stuffed the shopped items. Left for the airport as we had our flight for 8 a.m.
  • Bidding adieu to this beautiful country was a difficult one.

“Overall, I would say, visiting one of the most expensive countries in Asia, having an incredible week, rejuvenated us to the core.

Every day was a tiring day with lots of walking, but what made it more interesting and exciting was what the next day would look like (I even lost 2 kgs, so now you know where to head to if you need to lose weight. lol! 😛).

It was a complete value for money. 😌”


Coffee with a friend.. Ms. Audrey Hepburn returns!

So this is how our Awesome Time Ended!!

Singapore Insights:

  • If you are travelling from India, it is a 5.5 hours journey. Singapore is 2.5 hours ahead of IST (or generally, UTC+8:00 hours).
  • Singapore Dollar (SGD, or S$) is the official currency of Singapore.
  • Do Not only take higher currency notes with you, as small shops or in our case, even McDonald’s did Not accept a 1000$ note.
  • If you are tight on a budget or on a solo trip or the ones who want to spend more on experiencing places and less on accommodation, you can even consider staying in hostels, which are cheaper as compared to hotels.New-Logo-Vertical-Dark
  • Taking Uber is much much pocket friendly as compared to local taxis. If you are a solo traveller, public transport would be the best. But if you are a family – Uber, anytime.
  • You can get a local sim card for 15 SGD (validity 5 days). You may need it when trying to connect with Uber drivers. We faced difficulty with this because neither us nor the drivers could make a call and they could only find us through the destination we provided for pick-up.
1087x709Source: Google
  • People speak English, so no issue with communicating.
  • You will be required to walk quite a lot, so carry comfortable footwear with you. I preferred shoes throughout.
  • Interaction with the Uber cab drivers was amazing. People were helpful. Some of the cabbies we met were tour guides earlier, so they had additional insight to share with us about the beautiful country and the culture.
  • People follow rules. If not, the police is vigilant and the fines are heavy on pocket.
  • Non-veg is cheaper as compared to veg in restaurants like McDonald’s.
  • Chewing gum is banned in the country.
  • Singapore is an ever-changing place. I feel the government is more focussed on the beautification of the country. They keep on developing and changing.
  • Singapore provides free wifi on almost all the important destinations, you will always remain connected.
Free-wifi-hackSource: Google
  • And yes, it may rain at any time of the day on any day, so be prepared with all your essentials.
  • Buying online tickets to any place is convenient and cheaper. Go for consolidated online tickets. This will save you from burning a hole in your pocket.
  • There are several city attraction packages, which can be availed and booked at the airport as well.
  • There is an Eco-Link@BKE bridge, which has been built by the government to connect the two nature reserves, specially for the animals to move across the reserves undisturbed.
eco-link-bke-aerial-view-data-1v0kqhiSource: Google
  • I could notice women travelling alone at night, which shows the safety in the city.
  • When we went to the Bugis Street, we could find the sign boards in Hindi as well, owing to the 9% Indian population.
  • Singapore is expensive 😐 , you can go for shopping cheap to Bugis Street/China Town.
Bugis-StreetSource: Google
  • If one wants to buy products (like, chocolates, gifting items, souvenirs), buy it from Mustafa Centre. It is a wholesale shopping complex. You will get anything and everything from there – Open 24*7.

My recommendation:

On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely am I going to recommend this place to someone?

A definite 5/5. 



To capture such amazing pictures, I used iVoltaa Compact Selfie Stick and Selfie Stick – Anker Extendable.
Devices used in addition to the camera: Redmi Note 4 (For Indian viewers) and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (For International viewers). Moto M (For Indian viewers) and Motorola Moto M (For International viewers).

You can have a look for your reference.


40 thoughts on “Travel to the most expensive city in the world: Singapore

  1. Akanksha says:

    Singapore is without any doubt the most developed and fascinating place in Asia, if not in the world. On reading your blog, I got very excited and it now becomes my next holiday destination. I feel myself enjoying the charm of the place. Very amazingly written down. People like me get help on reading such useful blogs.


  2. Akshi Garg says:

    That’s an interesting and informative blog. Now, I know whom to contact whenever I’ll be planning a trip to Singapore.


  3. Mayank Purwar says:

    I really like the information you offer in your articles with pics and we are planing for Singapore trip after your post.


  4. Pranshu says:

    Hi Stuti!

    Thanks for writing such an informative article. It has helped me a lot in planning my trip.
    I am planning a 2 week trip to Singapore-Malaysia with my family next month. So can you tell me how will the weather be in August?
    And also what other places I can visit apart from the ones that you mentioned in your article?


    • Thanks! Sure I can help you.
      The weather on an average remains the same throughout the year, so I assume it should range between 28 to 32 degrees.
      You can visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Merlion Park, Helix Bridge, Esplanade – Theatres on the bay, ArtScience Museum, Suntec City, Orchard Road, National Museum of Singapore, Clarke Quay, Beaches and Temples to your taste.


  5. Ved says:

    Hi stuti got you have me such a elaborate and well explained trip was much needed for nicely u have explained.if you dont mind in guiding me about stay or any reliable travel agents for the same.TIA


  6. Yamuna says:

    Stuti you are amazing. You have meticulously took effort to explain each and everything. Covered all doubt’s I had. lots of love and keep guiding me.will follow you for future trips.just a question can you tell where to get online tickets for universal and sentosa island online you have covered for all parks though. This one if u can guide.thanks


    • Hi,

      Since, I travelled from India (Delhi) for 7 days and 6 nights,
      ☞ The round trip flight charges were approx 25k per person.
      ☞ We booked ourselves a 4 star hotel with approx 6k-7k per night per room (If you want to lower your accommodation charges, you can checkout hostels, which can be as low as 2k per night. The hotels in Singapore are more or less approx 5k per night per room)
      ☞ Travelling to various places – As we were a family of 4, we opted for cab services, Uber to be precise. It was a cheaper option for us. So, charges for the whole trip, approx 5k-6k. If there are 3 or less people, public transportation would be cheaper.
      ☞ Eating – Try out cheap food from hawker centres. I don’t remember how much was spent on eatables. Lets assume, 5k-6k
      ☞ Ticket prices for various locations – The paid destinations we covered were: Gardens by the bay conservatories, Marina Bay Sands skypark, Universal Studios, Sentosa Islands, Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park – approx 18k – 20k per person

      Per person total cost for a 7 days trip = 25k (Flight) + 21k (Hotel) + 2k (Travelling) + 2k (Food) + 20k (Tickets) => 70k


  7. Well written. Couple of queries though.

    How did you pay for Uber? Using the Indian currency which was already there in your Uber wallet? Or do you need to load SGD separately into the Uber account?

    And where did you book your tickets for zoo, etc? Do they have a Govt website for it?


  8. harsha says:

    Hi I am planning to visit sinagapore in Feb with Family ( 2 kids -1 year,6 years). can i plan myself booking hotel and activities on my own and take take Uber for Trasnport will that work out.


    • Hi Harsha, I suggest you to dedicate atleast a week in creating itinerary for yourself. Hotel bookings can be done through various online hotel booking sites. Like we wanted a hotel in the middle of the city, so it was easy to travel to different directions. Taking Uber is same as anywhere else. Booking activities can be done at the airport or online once you reach there. Some hotels offer information desks as well. I will recommend if you haven’t booked your hotel yet, you should do it as soon as possible, so as to avoid increased room prices.


  9. Rajan kumar says:

    Hii..Read whole article and it was very helpful.I am planning to visit Singapore this October with my wife. I am still confused about how to get SGD. Whether I should take it from India or will it be available at airport after arrival or should I take travel card?


    • Hi Rajan,
      Thanks for appreciating my work.
      I would say making an exchange from India itself will be slightly cheaper as the conversion rates will be more at the Singapore airport and Singapore city. It will also save up your time otherwise you will have to search for the currency exchanger stores there. It is totally upto you, if you feel comfortable, you can go ahead with that as well.

      People do carry travel cards with them, but unfortunately, I am not well aware of their usage and fee.


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